We want to keep our players, schools and nation connected by football while we wait to finish the football season so today we started the #PSNextLevel Chain Challenge with our ambassadors and Rising Ballers players!

We want to see your skills and grow the chain so we need you and your mates to get involved!

All you need to do is: 

  • Find a space so your full body is in shot
  • Set your phone / camera to shoot in portrait
  • Press record
  • Receive the ball from the top 
  • Do a trick or move with the ball 
  • Send the ball back up out of the top of the screen
  • Press stop

To get the video to us so it can join the chain you can either:

  • Post it on Twitter or Instagram tagging @pssschoolscup and using #PSNextLevel 
  • OR Email it to info@playstationschoolscup.com

You never know who is going to be next in the chain – is it going to be your mate? Your teacher? Rio Ferdinand? Georgia Stanway?

Keep your eyes on @psschoolscup to see the chain grow..


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