Home General News Nathaniel Clyne – Q&A

If you were to give one piece of advice to an aspiring footballer what would it be?

The most important thing is to go out there and enjoy your football, most importantly with a smile on your face. At an early age, that can be easy but as you get older it is important to keep that mentality and not let the love for the game dip.

This season which Premier League player has impressed you most?

This season has been the most competitive that I can remember. It is almost as if, on their day, any team can beat any other team. It’s great for the neutral. There have been a few that have performed extremely well throughout the season but for me, it is (Eden) Hazard and (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic. To his standards Hazard didn’t have a great season last year but the introduction of Conte has really energised him I feel and he has really stood out. Ibrahimovic, like Hazard, is world class and has been in every league he has stepped into and this has continued now in the Premier League.

Who do you think is the best full back in the world?

Dani Alves. I have always admired Brazilian full backs, when I was younger I used to watch in awe at Roberto Carlos. I think Dani Alves falls into that bracket. He attacks, defends well and scores great goals. He has also won it all with Barcelona and is now top of Serie A with Juventus, he is the best right now.

What is your favourite goal you have scored?

It is my winning goal against Arsenal in the third round of the Capital One Cup (now EFL Cup). We won 2-1, it was away at the Emirates and I don’t think anybody gave us a chance. It’s always a nice memory for me.

The players look like they have a great relationship with Jurgen Klopp. What makes him so special as a manager?

It’s Jurgen’s down to earth approach that really stands him out from the managers I have worked with. Similar to Mauricio Pochettino actually in that it helps them build great relationships with the players.

Which fixture do you look forward to most?

Since moving to Liverpool, it has to be the Merseyside derby at Anfield. That is the first fixture the staff and team look out for, followed closely by Manchester United. Both huge matches and the buzz in the lead up to either of those games is something I really look forward to.

At the club who would win a 100m race?

(Sadio) Mane. Might not be a surprise to many people that I say him as he is incredibly quick and that can be seen in games. I would be up there though, that’s for sure!

Who is the funniest person in the dressing room?

Lucas Leiva. He really has a unique sense of humour but I really do find him funny. He is always pulling pranks on people and it is always good natured.

Who is the best player at FIFA 17?

Me, without question. That does sound very big headed of me but I have won the annual FIFA player tournament two years in a row so I do have to say me!

Who would you name as the most skillful player at Liverpool?

Coutinho. He is spectacularly skillful; the things he can do on the training ground are world class. You only ever really see 10% of his skills in a match, I think he saves his best skills to embarrass his team mates!

Who is in charge of the music in the Liverpool dressing room?

It’s Jordan Henderson who is in charge of the music. He is actually very good as he always puts on a mixture rather than one type. If it was me, I would just play hip hop so it is probably best that it is Henderson with his finger on the button.

Which Liverpool player do think has the best goal celebration?

It couldn’t be anyone else but Sturridge. I feel it is up there with the iconic celebrations now.