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Who do you think is the best defender in the world?

For me, (Gerard) Pique and (Sergio) Ramos. They have been at their respective clubs for such a long time now and have won a lot of trophies. I look up to those players, especially Pique who plays for one of the biggest clubs in the world. I just like the way he plays, so I would say Pique.

Who is the most difficult player you have played against?

Recently, it was the famous front three of (Luis) Suarez, (Lionel) Messi and Neymar. Watching Messi as a kid, I was a big fan and then to get the chance to play against them was quite a strange experience and a difficult one. I would have to say those three with Messi the standout.

What is your favourite goal you have ever scored?

I would have to say for Everton against Manchester United, that was one of my favourites for sure. My first Premier League goal and hopefully I can get a few more in the future.

What is Pep Guardiola like to play for as a manager?

He is brilliant, very demanding and good at getting his point across which for a footballer is very important. I also think his winning mentality and his passion is massive and we are all trying to take a page out of his book.

Manchester City’s training complex is regarded as the best in the world. What makes it so special?

I have been at a few training complexes and for me, the layout and more importantly the staff that work there are the real difference. The staff make the whole place very friendly and I was made to feel very welcome. I believe that it’s important that the people at the facilities are as good as the facilities.

Who are your best friends at Manchester City?

We get on quite well as a group. Me and Raheem (Sterling) get on very well and we spend time away from football with each other as well which always helps when you end up playing together at the weekend.

Who is the most skillful player currently playing for Manchester City?

There’s a few skilled players to be fair, Kevin (De Bruyne) has a few good skills in his locker. Raheem is also up there. If you see some of Kevin’s footage you will understand; he pulls off some amazing things.

Who is charge of the music in the Manchester City dressing room?

Gaël Clichy. In his spare time, he does a lot of DJ work so he is getting really good at it. If there is any music on he has his finger on the button. He does put his own spin on it as well which is pretty cool I have to admit.

Which Manchester City player would win a 100m race?

I think Raheem or (Leroy) Sane. Sane is very quick. We might have to set that up at the training ground as it could be a good one to see!

Who is the funniest person in the dressing room?

Everyone has their own kind of humour really. Yaya (Toure) is quite funny after coming in from training and Raheem again is always up for a laugh. There is a lot of characters in this team but for me its Raheem and Yaya.