Jack Downer is no stranger to the PlayStation F.C. Schools’ Cup having got to the quarterfinals when he played for his school Dane Court Grammar. He discovered Panna at his local youth centre when he had to stop 11 aside football due to injury, falling in love with the detailed skills and speedy footwork to beat your opponent.

Thanks to Jack’s dedication and daily practise his career soon took off. Sharing his tricks and journey on his YouTube channel has attracted millions of views and subscribers from all over the world. It has also opened up plenty of opportunities to learn from the best football players of all time. 

Here’s a brief list of some of Jack’s highlights:

  • Playing alongside David Beckham and against Paul Pogba
  • Being crowned London Panna Champion
  • Touring Europe with Adidas Tango Squad FC, learning from the best including Gareth Bale, James Rodriquez and Kaka
  • Coming in the top 8 at the World Panna Championships (he’s hoping to win it next!)

Jack’s long term aim is to make Panna an established sport in the UK and he hopes that by working with Harriet Pavlou and the PlayStation F.C. Schools’ Cup he will see more and more people trying it out and loving it as much as he does!

Each week we will be sharing tips and tricks from both Jack and Harriet as they look out for the next level freestylers. All you need to do is watch the videos, try them out and show us what you’ve got!


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