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Leicester City star Christian Fuchs answered students’ questions at Manor High School. Find out which A-List Hollywood actor Christian would like to play him in the upcoming Jamie Vardy film:

What was the feeling in the dressing room after the historic win against Sevilla in the Champions League Last 16 second leg?

Positive and very excited. We didn’t know what had happened in that moment because we had qualified for the last 16 and being Leicester nobody expects us to come anywhere near the Champions League so it was an indescribable feeling.

What is the talk around the training ground about the forthcoming Champions League game against Atlético Madrid?  

It’s not there yet, we still have a game on Sunday in the Premier League so we are focusing on that one first. Everyone is excited about being the last English club in the Premier League, everyone is very excited.

Who are your best friends at Leicester?

Shinji Okazaki and Robert Huth, all the crazy ones to be honest.

Which Premier League player has impressed you most this season?

There are many outstanding players. For me it is Eden Hazard. He was criticized a lot last season and to see him now performing back to his best is a joy to see even on the receiving end.

What actor would you like to play you in the Jamie Vardy film?

Ryan Reynolds, he is almost as good looking as I am. He is always calling me and asking if there is a film, if he could play me so I know the feeling is mutual.

What music do the team listen to before a match?

We have our DJ who is our fitness coach. Sometimes it is hip hop.

What qualities does Craig Shakespeare bring as a manager? 

He is good at communicating with the players. He is very respected in the club and trains us very well in preparing for the game ahead. Treats us like human beings and for me it is great to work for a manager like that.